What was the name of the dog that helped recover the World Cup trophy after it was stolen in 1966?

The 1966 World Cup in England was an event etched in history, not just for the home team’s thrilling victory, but for a quirky yet heartwarming incident that unfolded just months before the kick-off. The Jules Rimet Trophy, the coveted symbol of World Cup glory, was mysteriously stolen, sending the nation into a frenzy. But amidst the chaos, a furry four-legged hero emerged – Pickles, a black and white collie whose keen nose sniffed out the missing trophy, became an instant national sensation.

On March 8th, 1966, the Jules Rimet Trophy was displayed at Westminster Abbey when it vanished. Scotland Yard launched a frantic investigation, but leads were scarce. Enter Pickles, the four-year-old collie owned by David Corbett, a lighterman on the River Thames. Just seven days after the theft, while on a routine walk in Norwood, south London, Pickles led Corbett to a newspaper-wrapped package hidden behind a hedge. Lo and behold, it was the missing World Cup!

Image Credit: BBC.com

News of Pickles’ heroic feat spread like wildfire. The once-ordinary pet was catapulted to national fame, gracing newspaper headlines and television screens. He was showered with treats, toys, and even honorary medals. He even received an invitation to the England victory banquet after their final win against West Germany, where he was treated like a celebrity guest.

Pickles’ story transcended the realm of sports, offering a heartwarming tale of canine loyalty and unexpected heroism. He became a symbol of hope and resilience, reminding everyone that even the most daunting challenges can be overcome with a little luck and canine intuition. His memory continues to live on, reminding us that even the smallest heroes can make the biggest difference.

While the Jules Rimet Trophy was later stolen again in 1970, never to be recovered, Pickles’ legacy endures. He remains a beloved figure in English football history, forever remembered as the “Wonder Dog” who sniffed out the missing trophy and restored a nation’s faith in the beautiful game.

Featured Image: wwos.nine.com.au

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