Top 20 Dog-Related Crossword Clues and Answers

Crossword puzzles are a popular pastime for many, offering both a challenge and a relaxing way to spend time. For dog lovers, encountering clues related to their favorite four-legged friends is always a delight. Below are the top 20 dog-related crossword clues (compiled by along with their answers, perfect for both crossword enthusiasts and dog lovers.

  1. Clue: “Loyal family pet”
    Answer: Dog (3 letters)
  2. Clue: “Common command to a dog”
    Answer: Sit (3 letters)
  3. Clue: “Beagle or Basset, e.g.”
    Answer: Hound (5 letters)
  4. Clue: “Toy dog, briefly”
    Answer: Pom (for Pomeranian, 3 letters)
  5. Clue: “___ Retriever (popular breed)”
    Answer: Golden (6 letters)
  6. Clue: “Dog’s happy wag”
    Answer: Tail (4 letters)
  7. Clue: “Snoopy, for one”
    Answer: Beagle (6 letters)
  8. Clue: “Canine’s foot”
    Answer: Paw (3 letters)
  9. Clue: “Famous Collie”
    Answer: Lassie (6 letters)
  10. Clue: “Dog’s warning”
    Answer: Growl (5 letters)
  11. Clue: “Shepherd or Spaniel”
    Answer: Breed (5 letters)
  12. Clue: “Puppy’s bark”
    Answer: Yip (3 letters)
  13. Clue: “Dog treat”
    Answer: Bone (4 letters)
  14. Clue: “Guide for the blind”
    Answer: Dog (3 letters)
  15. Clue: “Dalmatian feature”
    Answer: Spot (4 letters)
  16. Clue: “Kennel sound”
    Answer: Bark (4 letters)
  17. Clue: “Husky’s burden”
    Answer: Sled (4 letters)
  18. Clue: “Dog’s identification”
    Answer: Tag (3 letters)
  19. Clue: “Pointer or Poodle”
    Answer: Dog (3 letters)
  20. Clue: “Canine caretaker”
    Answer: Vet (for veterinarian, 3 letters)

These clues and answers span a range of difficulties, making them suitable for crossword puzzles of various levels. They cover a broad spectrum of dog-related topics, from specific breeds and general dog terms to behaviors and physical characteristics.

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