Supermodel Taylor Hill Ventures Into the Pet Industry with Tate & Taylor

From gracing the world’s most iconic fashion runways to the covers of Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, American supermodel Taylor Hill is synonymous with beauty and elegance. With over 24 million Instagram followers, Hill’s influence extends far beyond the fashion industry. 

Discovered at the tender age of 14, her career skyrocketed almost immediately. “I was scouted at a very young age, off to New York to start this exciting career path, and then signed with IMG. It’s been a transformative 14 years, half of my life spent in the whirlwind of fashion,” Hill reminisced, reflecting on her journey with nostalgia and gratitude.

Hill’s diverse cultural exposure and extensive high-octane fashion experience have propelled her into a new venture: the pet industry. This transition was inspired by her deep love and the profound loss of her late labradoodle, Tate. In loving memory of Tate, Hill founded Tate & Taylor, a company dedicated to simplifying the pet market and fostering a supportive community for pet owners. Her mission is clear: to enhance the lives of pet lovers everywhere, a cause that resonates deeply with many.

The idea for Tate & Taylor took root when Hill found herself overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and conflicting information in the pet care market. “Walking into the pet industry felt like stepping into a storm of over $143 billion market size. It was vast but confusing, crowded yet isolating,” Hill reflected. This overwhelming experience inspired her to create a more navigable space for pet owners to alleviate the stress and confusion that often accompanies pet care.

Image Credit: Instagram @taylor_hill and @tateandtaylor

Hill’s business strategy revolves around curating a holistic experience for pet owners. She emphasizes promoting ethical brands that align with her vision of quality and transparency. Among her top picks is Floof, a science-driven dog grooming brand founded by Michael Kim. Floof specializes in dermatologist-tested products for pets with sensitive skin. Another favourite is Springer, a company led by a female entrepreneur, which offers a unique, all-in-one water bottle designed to simplify hydration for pets on the go.

Hill’s personal journey with Tate, particularly his battle with lymphoma, profoundly impacted her business ethos. “Witnessing my dog’s illness firsthand opened my eyes to the dire lack of resources and support for pet owners facing medical crises,” Hill passionately shared. This experience has fueled her unwavering commitment to support pet healthcare research and initiatives. 

Tate & Taylor actively supports the Buddy Fund at the Schwarzman Animal Medical Center, which helps pet owners manage cancer treatment costs. This cause, deeply resonating with Hill and many others, underscores her dedication to making a meaningful difference. Additionally, Hill serves as an ambassador for Animal Aid USA, which rescues and relocates animals from kill shelters to loving homes.

Hill envisions Tate & Taylor as a vibrant community platform where pet owners can share knowledge, access expert opinions, and discover safe and effective products for their beloved animals. By aligning her business with impactful causes, Hill sets a new standard for corporate responsibility in the pet industry, inspiring hope for a more compassionate and informed pet community.

Taylor Hill’s transition from fashion icon to pet industry innovator showcases her dynamic personality and her ability to thrive across diverse sectors. While continuing her successful modeling career, Hill is also improving the pet industry and paving the way for others to integrate their passions with purposeful business ventures. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @tateandtaylor

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