Sofia Vergara Shows Off Her New Chihuahua Puppy Named Amore

If there ever was a doggy telenovela, it could easily be based on Sofia Vergara’s real life—and of course, it would star her and her adorable new pup. The latest episode features Vergara proudly showing off Amore, her new Chihuahua puppy, all over Instagram.

Vergara has been sharing delightful moments with Amore, capturing their fun and love-filled adventures together. Here are some highlights:

Image Credit: Instagram @sofiavergara

Bathroom Mirror Selfies: Sofia and Amore are seen taking cute bathroom mirror selfies together, showcasing their bond and the puppy’s growing Instagram presence.

Partying with Friends: Amore is already living the high life, accompanying Sofia to various parties and gatherings with her friends.

Healing Companion: During Sofia’s recovery from knee surgery, Amore has been a comforting presence, staying by her side and keeping her spirits up.

Stylish Living: Sofia even posed with a bejeweled statue of Amore, highlighting her love and style.

Magazine Cover: The happy new duo recently graced the cover of People Magazine, sharing their story with the world.

Image Credit: Instagram @sofiavergara

This heartwarming chapter follows a previous dramatic episode where Sofia’s former pup, Bubbles, decided to stay with her ex-husband, Joe Manganiello. In February, Joe and Bubbles embarked on a European tour together, adding a twist to the pet drama.

Sofia Vergara and Amore’s story is a charming addition to her already vibrant life, proving once again that she knows how to bring joy and excitement, both on and off the screen.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @sofiavergara