Smart Savings: A Canine Connoisseur’s Guide to Affordable Dog Food Delights

Wondering how to cut costs on your beloved canine’s nutrition? Skip the usual advice and embark on a journey to slash those numbers on your checkout receipt. Discovering a tangible solution to snag the finest price for your dog’s sustenance is easier than you think.

Scout for Competitive Rates:
Unless your local brick-and-mortar store boasts exclusive discounts on your preferred dog food, the most competitive online deals await at Chewy and PetSmart. For premium and elusive brands, explore Pet Supplies Plus, Pet Food Express, and Hollywood Feed. Fresh food diets often come straight to your doorstep through subscriptions, while brands like Just Food For Dogs grace the virtual shelves of retailers like Petco and Chewy.

Uncover Autoship Discounts:
Take a leap into the realm of promotional discounts for your first autoship, typically shaving off an additional 30-35%. Chewy, PetSmart, Petco, and Pet Supplies Plus roll out the red carpet with enticing first autoship discounts. Chewy and PetSmart allow stacking multiple discounts, making them prime candidates for the best deals. For a deeper dive into mastering this trick, check out our guide on maximizing autoship savings.

Loyalty in One, Discounts in Many:
According to friends who foster rescues, PetSmart Treats reign supreme in the realm of loyalty rewards among major retailers. Consolidate non-food supply runs into one loyalty account, either at PetSmart or a preferred local retailer, to cash in on seasonal member promotions.

Experiment with Different Storefronts:
Betty Ko, proud dog mom to Katsu the Corgi, juggles between Petco’s Repeat Delivery and Chewy’s autoship for various categories, subscribing directly to Katsu’s favorite brands for direct-to-consumer sales. Consider creating secondary accounts across all sites for first autoship discounts, utilizing extra email accounts for Chewy’s first purchase discount. You can even try delivering to a friend’s address to save some extra funds.

Optimize Price-per-Pound:
While many websites tout bulk-buying as a money-saving strategy, the devil is in the details. Larger sizes may offer better value, but always double-check. Chewy, for instance, breaks down the price-per-pound for easy comparison. Look for the best discount, keeping in mind your dog’s predictable dietary needs for bulk-buying to truly pay off.

Hunt for the Ultimate Promo Code:
Employ a coupon tool browser extension to instantly access crowdsourced and verified codes at your chosen store’s checkout. Sometimes, you’ll stumble upon deals surpassing typical autoship discounts. For instance, unveiled a $25 off $100 purchase deal at PetFlow, elevating a standard 10% off to a whopping 25%. Try common coupon code phrases for additional savings.

Embrace Local Delivery and Pickup:
When online store discount codes run dry, tap into the often-overlooked realm of local delivery and pickup services like Instacart and Doordash. Leverage in-platform deals, seasonal promotions, and pet-exclusive discounts from nearby pet stores.

Rinse and Repeat for Optimal Deals:
Loop through these strategies until you’ve unearthed the best deals or are ready to settle for the convenience of regular autoship deliveries. 

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