Chinese Woman Bequeaths $2.8 Million Fortune to Pets Over Ungrateful Children

A Chinese woman named Liu has opted to leave her substantial fortune of $2.8 million to her beloved cats and dogs rather than her adult children. This decision, fueled by feelings of abandonment and neglect, highlights a growing trend of pet-centric inheritance and sheds light on the intricate dynamics within familial relationships.

Several years ago, Liu had initially allocated a substantial sum of 20 million yuan (approximately Rs 23 crore) to her adult children in her will. However, her perspective took a dramatic shift when she realized that her offspring failed to provide the emotional support she needed during times of illness and distress. Frustrated and hurt by the apparent disregard for her well-being, Liu decided to revise her will in favor of her loyal animal companions.

Liu’s decision to disinherit her children stemmed from their lack of involvement in her life. Despite having set aside a considerable inheritance for them, she felt betrayed by their consistent absence and lack of communication. It is a poignant reflection of the emotional toll that familial neglect can take on individuals, prompting Liu to redirect her wealth towards those who had been by her side unconditionally – her cherished pets.

Liu’s revised will explicitly designates her cats and dogs as the primary beneficiaries of her estate. She underlines the unwavering companionship and solace they provided when her children failed to do so. However, due to legal restrictions preventing direct inheritance to animals in China, Liu appointed a local veterinary clinic as the administrator of the inheritance. This clinic is entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the welfare and proper care of her beloved pets.

The unusual nature of Liu’s decision has raised eyebrows and prompted discussions within legal circles. Chen Kai, an official from China’s Will Registration Centre headquarters in Beijing, suggests that Liu could have considered appointing a trusted individual to oversee the veterinary clinic, ensuring the proper utilization of the funds. The legal intricacies of leaving an inheritance to animals further underscore the need for careful planning in such unconventional cases.

While Liu’s decision seems final, officials have left a window open for potential reconciliation. They have conveyed to her that if her children were to change their behavior and demonstrate a renewed sense of responsibility and care, she retains the option to revise her will once again. This implies that Liu’s choice is not irrevocable and serves as a poignant reminder of the potential for healing and rebuilding strained family ties.

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