Luciene Grubbs & Chad Grubbs’s Insights on Being a Dog Parent

It is with great honor that we interview Luciene Grubbs and Chad Grubbs, esteemed members of the Miami community whose illustrious achievements are widely acknowledged. Luciene’s distinguished career as a legal expert is renowned, and Chad’s reputation as a highly regarded professional designer is well-established in the industry. Despite their demanding schedules, Luciene and Chad consistently prioritize the care and well-being of their beloved furry family member, Buster, who holds a cherished place in their hearts.

Luciene Grubbs, Buster & Chad Grubbs

Hello! What inspired you to become a dog parent?
Well, I watched Buster being born, and when he could walk alone, he attached himself to me. I knew we were going to be inseparable from that moment on.

Can you tell us about your dog and his/her personality?
Certainly! My dog’s name is Buster. He is a miniature pinscher with a feisty, playful, loyal, protective, and curious personality.

How did you choose your dog’s name?
Honestly, I can’t remember. I think he just looked like a Buster.

What’s the most mischievous thing your dog has ever done?
He’s well-behaved inside but knows how to break out of crates and dog gates. He cannot be contained.

What’s Buster’s favourite treat?
Buster loves bacon treats; they are his all-time favorite indulgence. He gets incredibly excited whenever he sees or smells them and will do anything to get his paws on them.

Can you tell us about a special moment you’ve shared with your dog?
A daily special moment is putting him to bed. He insists on being placed in his bed and tucked in. If he’s not, he will scratch at my bed and try and get my attention until I do.

What’s your dog’s favorite toy? What’s the most challenging thing about being a dog parent?
His favorite toy is a toss up between a tennis ball and a stuffed rabbit he loves to run with. The most challenging thing about being a dog parent is probably when they hurt themselves or are sick.

How do you keep your dog healthy and happy?
A healthy diet and good long walks

Buster: The Inspiration Behind a Character in ‘Out of the Box’ by Lucia Matuonto

Notably, Lucia, Luciene’s sister, serves as Buster’s godmother. Lucia is an accomplished author, painter, and children’s physiotherapist. Her popular podcast, UNCUT with Lucia, on WorldAuthors, has received widespread acclaim. Lucia’s deep connection with Buster has inspired her literary creations, including a character based on him in one of her bestselling books, adding a unique and personal touch to her acclaimed works.

How has your life changed since becoming a dog parent?
Your dog provides you with unconditional love and unwavering companionship. When you’re feeling down, they offer you comfort and solace. When you’re happy, they bring smiles and laughter into your life. They keep you active with walks and playtime, helping you stay healthy both physically and mentally. Your dog’s presence improves your life, attitude, and overall well-being.

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a dog parent?
Research! Different breeds have different personality traits and different requirements for exercise. Find a breed that will best fit with your personality and lifestyle. If you like relaxing and watching tv, get a breed that doesn’t require a lot of exercise. If you like being outdoors, there are breeds that are great with hiking or being active in general. If you find a dog that’s the right fit for your lifestyle, you will have a companion for life and will be less inclined to abandon them. Dogs feel and show emotion and experience joy and heartbreak. Show them love and you will receive unconditional love back.