AWCS Volunteers Travel 160km to Save Dog from Well

Animal Warriors Conservation Society (AWCS), a dedicated group of volunteers based in Ameenpur, recently embarked on a challenging mission to rescue a street dog that had fallen into an abandoned open agriculture well in Mailaram village of Sirikonda mandal, located 160 kilometres away. Approximately 60 feet deep, the well had left the dog trapped and starving for two days.

Upon receiving a distress call from villagers who heard the dog’s cries, AWCS volunteers Sanjeev Das and Romen Das wasted no time responding. They set off on a three-hour journey to Mailaram on Tuesday morning, determined to save the needy dog.

When they arrived at the well, they found the dog in dire condition, visibly weak and hungry. With limited resources but unwavering determination, the volunteers devised a plan to rescue the dog. They lowered a bucket tied to a rope with water down the well, and the thirsty dog eagerly drank from it. Once the dog had quenched its thirst, they carefully secured a rope around it and pulled it up to safety.

Sanjeev and Romen fed the hungry dog, nourishing its body and soul. The grateful dog regained strength, and the volunteers released it back into the village, where it could roam freely again.

This incredible rescue mission by AWCS volunteers is a testament to their selflessness and dedication towards animal welfare. Despite the challenges and distance, they went above and beyond to save a needy life. Their compassion and determination in the face of adversity are genuinely inspiring.

AWCS continues to work tirelessly to protect and rescue animals in need. Their helpline (96978 87888) serves as a lifeline for animals in distress, and their efforts make a tangible difference in the lives of these voiceless creatures.

If you want to support AWCS in their noble cause, you can visit their website at and follow them on Instagram @awcs_org for updates on their work. Let’s come together to appreciate and support the unwavering efforts of animal rescuers like AWCS, who go the extra mile to make the world better for our furry friends.

* The story was originally published on and written by T. Karnakar Reddy
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