The Osbourne Family Welcomes Rescued Severely Burned English Bulldog with a Painful Past

The Osbourne family, known for their love of dogs and frequent adoptions, has welcomed a new member into their household. Walter, an English Bulldog with a tragic past, has found a new home with the Osbournes.

Walter, formerly named Porkchop, was discovered as a stray in April, suffering from severe chemical burns on his face and neck. Despite his painful condition, Walter remained calm and brave. He was initially taken to a local shelter, where Underdog Heroes Rescue intervened to provide him with the necessary care and attention.

With the dedicated efforts of his foster family and Walter’s resilient spirit, his recovery began swiftly. By mid-May, he was showing significant improvement and was on the path to a healthier, happier life.

Walter’s journey took a heartwarming turn when Sharon Osbourne spotted him on TikTok. In a heartfelt moment shared on The Osbournes Podcast, Sharon recounted, “I was scrolling TikTok… and I saw this little angel, and he had been set on fire and left, and he was very, very skinny. And a guy saw him, saved him, and the Underdog Heroes Rescue took him in and basically saved his life. Everything they do is to rescue dogs that have been harmed.” Kelly Osbourne added, “After such terrible things were done to him, he still is so full of love, and he is a happy dog.”

Walter has now embarked on a new chapter of his life, joining the ranks of Hollywood royalty with the Osbourne family. As he continues to heal, the Osbournes are considering whether to keep his name or choose a new one that reflects his fresh start.

For those inspired by Walter’s story and the compassionate work of Underdog Heroes Rescue, support can be extended by visiting their website at This organization continues to dedicate itself to rescuing and rehabilitating needy dogs, just like Walter. 

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