Picasso: A Unique Masterpiece Finds Love and a Forever Home

In the heart of Los Angeles, a unique masterpiece named Picasso has found his forever home, capturing the hearts of those who’ve had the privilege of knowing him. Born with a rare facial deformity known as “leftward campylorrhinis lateralis and prognathia,” Picasso’s story is not one of tragedy but of resilience, joy, and the transformative power of unconditional love.

Zoe Ramagnano, VMD, the veterinary medical director for Paws for Life K9 Rescue, first encountered Picasso when he was transferred from the East Valley Animal Shelter to the care of Paws for Life K9 Rescue. Picasso’s unique appearance, born with a “wry nose,” didn’t deter the dedicated team at Paws for Life K9 Rescue, a no-kill organization committed to providing a second chance for dogs in need.

Picasso’s rare facial deformity may set him apart visually, but it does not hinder his ability to live a full and happy life. Despite his unique condition, Picasso enjoys the simple pleasures of being a dog – playing with toys, interacting with other dogs, and savoring the scents of the outdoors using his keen sense of smell. His medical condition, while requiring some extra care, does not impede his ability to lead a joyful and fulfilling life.

“He is magical, and I have completely fallen in love with him,” expresses Ramagnano, who has not only been Picasso’s caretaker at Paws for Life K9 Rescue but is set to become his forever pet parent.

Picasso’s story serves as a poignant reminder that beauty is more than skin deep. His resilience and spirit showcase the remarkable ability of animals, even those with special needs, to lead fulfilling lives. Ramagnano hopes that Picasso’s journey will inspire potential pet adopters to consider animals with unique requirements, emphasizing that the additional care they may need is often less demanding than it appears.

As Picasso’s story unfolds, Zoe Ramagnano is not just a dedicated caretaker but a loving pet parent in the making. Despite Picasso’s need for daily face wiping and periodic dental cleanings, his medical condition doesn’t require surgical correction. Three veterinary surgeons consulted on his case, unanimously agreeing that surgical intervention is unnecessary as Picasso is comfortable and functions normally.

Image Credit: Instagram @rita_earl_blackwell

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