Miley Cyrus and Her Beloved Dogs

Miley Cyrus, the renowned pop star, is known not just for her music and acting career but also for her deep love for animals, particularly dogs. Over the years, she has adopted numerous pets, including dogs, cats, fish, horses, and even a micro-pig1. Her love for animals is so profound that at one point, she and her ex-partner, Liam Hemsworth, were said to have owned a personal zoo of 14 animals.

Her Beloved Dogs

Miley’s canine family is diverse and filled with love. Here are some of the dogs that have been part of her life:

  • Mary Jane: Miley had a special relationship with her Pitbull, Mary Jane, who sadly passed away in 2021 due to cancer. Miley had MJ since she was young and savoured every moment with her. She even released a song in honor of MJ, called “Mary Jane 5EVR”, and got a tattoo of her adorable face.
  • Penny Lane: In 2012, Miley and her sister Noah added Penny Lane to their brood. This super-cute canine was adopted on Thanksgiving.
  • Floyd: Floyd, a fluffy Alaskan Husky, was Miley’s self-proclaimed favorite pet. Unfortunately, Floyd was tragically killed by a coyote in 2014.
  • Emu Coyne Cyrus: Following Floyd’s death, Miley adopted Emu Coyne Cyrus, a Shetland sheepdog. Miley loves Emu so much that she even has a tattoo of her fur baby on her arm.
  • Bean: Miley adopted her chihuahua mix, Bean, in January 2013. She announced Bean’s adoption on Twitter, sharing a photo captioned, “Meet Bean,” and later a tweet that read: “Bean is a little girl 🙂 she is a chihuahua mix of some type 🙂 she brought so much sunshine!!!.
  • Bo: Bo is another member of Miley’s canine crew.
Image Credit: Instagram @mileycyrus

Miley’s love for her dogs is evident in how she cares for them and mourns their loss. Each dog has a special place in her heart, contributing to her life’s joy and love.

Advocacy for Animal Adoption

Miley Cyrus is not just a dog lover but also an animal adoption advocate. She has used her platform to encourage others to adopt pets and provide them with loving homes. Her love for animals and advocacy work are inspiring, making her a role model for animal lovers everywhere.

In conclusion, Miley Cyrus’s love for her dogs and advocacy for animal adoption demonstrate her compassionate nature and commitment to animal welfare. Her dogs are not just pets; they are her family, companions, and sources of joy and comfort. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @mileycyrus

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