Loyal Dog Waits Outside Hospital for Months After Owner’s Passing

In a heartwarming and poignant display of loyalty, a faithful pet dog in India has captured the attention of hospital staff and the local community as he continues to wait outside a hospital’s mortuary, months after his owner’s passing. This touching story unfolds in the southern state of Kerala’s Kannur district.

The devoted dog, who remains steadfast by the mortuary’s entrance, has been waiting for his owner for a remarkable four months. The story began when the dog followed its owner to the district hospital, where, sadly, the owner passed away.

According to hospital staff, the dog initially refused to eat and would spend his days gazing at the locked doors, perched on the ramp leading to the mortuary. “A patient came to the hospital four months ago, and the dog had accompanied the patient. The patient died, and the dog saw the owner being taken to the mortuary,” shared Vikas Kumar, a staff member at the hospital, in an ANI media report.

Image Credit: etvbharat.com

The loyal dog has now been affectionately named “Ramu” by the hospital staff, who have taken on the responsibility of caring for him. Ramu’s unwavering belief that his owner is still nearby keeps him stationed at the hospital.

The staff inquired to identify which patient the dog had followed, but to no avail. The mystery of the dog’s loyalty remains unsolved. Ramu spends his days near the ramp that leads to the mortuary, seemingly hopeful that his master will return. Occasionally, he wanders to the nearby physiotherapy department but returns to his post by the mortuary every night.

Ramu’s diet, now lovingly provided by Maya Gopalakrishnan, a doctor at the hospital, includes home-cooked meals, as he is not particularly fond of rice but enjoys eggs and fish. The loyal dog’s behavior is marked by his isolation from other stray dogs and his unwavering dedication to his owner, reminding all who encounter him of the powerful bond between humans and their furry companions.

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