Lost California Dog Miraculously Found in Michigan After Eight Months

A dog missing from California since the summer has been discovered more than 2,000 miles away in suburban Detroit, Michigan.

The remarkable journey of Mishka, a terrier mix, began when police in Harper Woods responded to a call about a stray dog last week. Upon arrival, they picked up Mishka and contacted the Grosse Pointe Animal Adoption Society, setting a chain of events in motion that would lead to a heartwarming reunion.

The adoption society quickly discovered that Mishka had an identity chip implanted with information about her owners. Mehrad Houman and his family, who reside in San Diego, received the call while they were planning to travel to Minnesota. Despite the distance, Mehrad wasted no time and embarked on a 10-hour drive from Minnesota to Michigan for an emotional reunion with Mishka.

“This is a tale that Hollywood would love to tell,” remarked the adoption group in a Facebook post, accompanied by pictures and videos capturing the heartwarming moment.

Image Credit: Instagram @mishkathemiracledog

In July, Mishka’s disappearance from Houman’s workplace, an auto garage, had devastated the family. The family’s search had seemed futile despite tireless efforts, including putting up over a thousand flyers and wearing Mishka’s leash while searching. However, their perseverance paid off when Mishka was finally found safe and sound.

Corinne Martin, director of the animal welfare group, speculated that Mishka may have been stolen and sold before ending up in Michigan. Veterinarian Nancy Pillsbury, who examined the 3-year-old dog, attested to Mishka’s good health and care during her time away from home.

“She was clean, well-fed. Whoever had her took good care of her,” Pillsbury remarked, adding, “How she got here — that’s a story only Mishka knows.”

With Mishka cleared for travel and reunited with her loving family, the heartwarming tale serves as a reminder of the unbreakable bond between humans and their beloved pets and the miracles that can happen against all odds.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @mishkathemiracledog

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