Karnataka High Court’s Push for Pet Ownership Guidelines

In a recent ruling, the Karnataka High Court emphasized the importance of responsible pet ownership and called upon the Central government to establish guidelines under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The court’s decision stemmed from a case challenging a circular that banned 23 specific dog breeds deemed ferocious and dangerous.

Justice M. Nagaprasanna, delivering the verdict, highlighted the misconception that only certain dog breeds are capable of aggressive behavior. He emphasized that any dog, regardless of breed, has the potential to become ferocious and pose a threat to both humans and other animals. Hence, pet owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of their pets and others.

The court stressed the need for a shift towards responsible pet ownership, stating that pet owners must be held accountable for their animals’ actions. Regardless of breed characteristics, owners must supervise, nurture, and socialize their pets to prevent aggressive behaviour.

Furthermore, the court urged the Central government to consider responsible pet ownership when formulating dog-ownership laws. It emphasized that blanket bans on specific breeds are ineffective solutions and advocated for legislative measures like those implemented in various other countries.

Countries like Canada, Austria, Ireland, Denmark, and the USA have passed laws addressing dog ownership through breed-specific bans or restrictions. The court suggested that the Central government draw inspiration from these legislations to develop a comprehensive framework for regulating pet ownership in India.

Ultimately, the court’s ruling underscores the importance of fostering a culture of responsible pet ownership. By implementing guidelines and legislation prioritising the welfare of animals and humans, authorities can mitigate the risks associated with aggressive dog behavior while promoting harmonious coexistence within communities.

As discussions on pet ownership regulations continue, stakeholders must collaborate and prioritize the well-being of animals while safeguarding public safety. Through collective efforts and informed decision-making, India can take a more responsible and compassionate approach to pet ownership.

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