How Ruby Helped Save a Life on Frozen Waters

In a remarkable display of courage and ingenuity, a Michigan State Police officer, Kammeron Bennetts, orchestrated a daring rescue when a 65-year-old man fell through the ice on Arbutus Lake. Using the man’s loyal dog, Ruby, as an unexpected ally, Officer Bennetts successfully deployed rescue equipment and pulled the stranded individual to safety. The heartwarming incident, captured on body camera footage, showcases the power of quick thinking and teamwork in the face of an emergency.

Bystanders quickly dialed 911 when they witnessed the Traverse City man’s distressing fall through the ice-covered lake. The initial body camera footage worn by Officer Bennetts reveals the dire situation, with the man trapped in freezing waters, only his head and shoulders above the thin ice, and Ruby faithfully standing by his side.

Thinking on his feet, Officer Bennetts attempted to throw a rescue disc tethered to a rope out to the stranded man. When this initial effort proved unsuccessful, he turned to the man’s steadfast companion, Ruby. Calling out to the man, Bennetts asked him to send Ruby to him, showcasing a unique and creative approach to the rescue.

“Ruby, come here! Come here, Ruby!” Bennetts called out, and the loyal canine responded with a wagging tail, racing to her rescuer. The officer then ingeniously tied the rescue disc to Ruby’s collar, instructing the man to take the disc from the dog and start kicking his legs.

Guided by Officer Bennetts’ commands, the man followed instructions, kicking his legs while holding onto the rescue disc attached to Ruby. With assistance from a local firefighter, the resourceful officer pulled on the rope, successfully dragging the man onto safer ice near the lake’s edge. In a touching display of teamwork, Ruby remained attached to the rope throughout the rescue.

The man, after being taken by ambulance to a hospital for treatment, was later released, thanks to Officer Bennetts’s quick and innovative response. The Michigan State Police praised the rescue on social media, acknowledging Ruby’s vital role in the operation.

“What a good girl!!! Amazing ice rescue. Creative thinking helped save a life!!” the post stated. The Grand Traverse County MSP commended Officer Kammeron Bennetts for his heroic actions, showcasing the power of collaboration and innovative problem-solving in the face of adversity.

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