Final Goodbye: Couple’s Wish List for Their Pet Dog Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

The tragic incident of a couple committing suicide in Bengal’s West Midnapore district has left many people heartbroken. What makes this incident even more poignant is the fact that the couple left behind a wish list for the future care of their pet dog, Jango.

On Friday night, the local police discovered the bodies of Debasish Ghosh and Jolly Ghosh along with a suicide note near their bodies. The note explained that the couple was under a debt burden that had forced them to take this extreme step. However, the note also contained detailed instructions for the care of their beloved Golden Retriever, Jango.

The couple expressed their desire that Jango be handed over to an NGO that works towards the welfare of animals. The note even contained information about Jango’s food habits and a daily diet chart, along with the name and contact details of the veterinarian who had been supervising Jango’s health.

The couple ended the note with a heartfelt prayer, requesting whoever adopts Jango to take good care of him and fulfill the wishes mentioned in the wish list.

The police are now trying to locate an NGO or an individual who can take care of Jango, as the dog seems to be in a confused state and unable to track his owners. The couple’s wish for their dog’s future care and happiness has touched many people’s hearts and serves as a reminder of the strong bond between pets and their owners.

This tragic incident highlights the importance of caring for our furry companions and taking responsibility for their future even when we are no longer able to. The Ghosh couple’s love for their pet dog Jango was evident in the detailed instructions they left behind, and their story serves as a poignant reminder of the depth of emotions that exist in our relationships with our pets.