Blue Cross of Hyderabad Gears Up for #LoveMyIndie Dog Show

In a heartwarming celebration of India’s indigenous canine companions, Blue Cross of Hyderabad is set to host the second edition of the #LoveMyIndie Dog Show on January 21 at Chaitanya Vidyalaya, Domalguda. This unique event, dedicated exclusively to Indie pet dogs, aims to shine a spotlight on these desi companions, advocating for their adoption and ensuring they find homes filled with love.

The annual #LoveMyIndie Dog Show is a testament to Blue Cross of Hyderabad’s commitment to shifting the focus towards our homegrown canine friends. By providing a platform for Indie dogs, the organization seeks to promote their adoption and raise awareness about the distinctive qualities that make them cherished companions.

Amala Akkineni, Founder & Chairperson at Blue Cross of Hyderabad, emphasizes the historical significance of Indie dogs in the cultural fabric of India. She states, “Historically the Indie has been the favoured companion and working dog across the villages and towns of India. The Indie has survived and thrived because of its devotion, hardy constitution and resilient nature.”

Image Credit: Instagram @bluecrosshyd

The #LoveMyIndie Dog Show is not just a showcase of unique breeds but also a space for pet parents to share the adventures and stories of their beloved Indie companions. This spotlight on personal narratives adds a personal touch to the event, highlighting the bond between humans and their desi dogs.

The event has garnered support from various animal welfare groups, including Abhaya – People for Animals, Humane Society International/India, Animal Warriors Hyderabad, Pet Adoption, and Aasara Foundation. This collaborative effort underscores the collective commitment to the well-being and recognition of Indie dogs in the community.

Indie pet owners interested in participating in the show can register their dogs at, as mentioned in the press release. Blue Cross of Hyderabad anticipates a vibrant and enthusiastic turnout for the #LoveMyIndie Dog Show, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for these incredible indigenous companions.

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