A New Tiny Chihuahua Joins the Simon Cowell Crew

Simon Cowell, the notoriously tough judge from America’s Got Talent, might have a soft spot after all – for furry friends, that is! Just two months after welcoming a German Shepherd puppy named Pebbles into his family, Cowell has adopted another canine companion.

This time, the music mogul has extended his love (and possibly his designer doggie wardrobe) to a tiny Chihuahua puppy. The specifics about this new addition to the Cowell household, including the pup’s name and breed, are being kept a secret. However, given Cowell’s strong support for animal rescue, it’s highly likely that this adorable little one was adopted from a shelter or rescue organization.

Cowell’s dedication to animal welfare is well-documented, with his substantial donations to animal charities and a promise to leave millions to such organizations in his will. He frequently shares heartwarming photos of his pets on social media, and it’s only a matter of time before he introduces his new Chihuahua to the world on his Instagram page.

One thing’s for sure – Cowell’s growing pack of pups proves that even the toughest critics have a place in their hearts for unconditional love, especially when it comes to wagging tails and puppy dog eyes. 

Featured Image Credit: Instagram @simoncowell