Our Story

Our Story



At Dogoppo, we understand that dogs are not just pets, but an integral part of our family. Our founder, G Gulati, has been a lifelong dog enthusiast and parent to over 23 furry friends. As a dedicated dog parent to Tango, a Beagle, and Jozz, a Golden Retriever, he knows the importance of providing dogs with the best care and products.

Our brand was born out of the realization that there was a lack of focus on non-food-related dog products and resources. This inspired G Gulati to create Dogoppo, a brand dedicated to providing dog parents with the best possible products and information. Our digital magazine covers all aspects of dog ownership, while our high-quality accessories ensure that every dog receives the love and care they deserve.

Jozz and Tango, the furry founders of Dogoppo, have also played a significant role in product development. With Tango’s expertise in R&D (research and destruction), we ensure that every product is carefully designed and comes with instructions to keep you aware and your dog safe. At Dogoppo, we are passionate about making your life as a dog parent easier and more enjoyable.